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What's the sealing materials of common rubber lip seals?


DSH-Whats The Sealing Materials Of Common Rubber Lip Seals

What’s the sealing materials of common rubber lip seals?


Rubber lip seal material is demanding because of the harsh use conditions. DSH seals tell you that besides NBR used in common occasions, fluororubber material, acrylic rubber material, silicone rubber, fluorosilicone rubber material, hydrogenated butadiene-fine rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene and other special sealing material are widely used. Overseas countries are actively committed to greatly improve the quality of existing rubber varieties by improving the synthetic process and post-treatment technology. Through chemical modification, blending and other technologies, rubber with special properties is produced, and raw rubber with various properties is synthesized to meet different application requirements. In order to improve product quality, some large lip-shaped oil seal products companies have built their own special rubber production plants. However, there are relatively few studies on rubber species and brands in China, and many raw rubber must be imported in large quantities.

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