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SPNS-Hydraulic Rod Seal Low Speed Step Seal

SPNS-Hydraulic Rod Seal Low Speed Step Seal

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SPNS type hydraulic seal is a relatively soft, non-metallic ring that is captured in a groove or fixed in a combination of rings to form a seal assembly to prevent or separate fluids in reciprocating applications. Hydraulic sealing is essential in machinery. Their use is critical to providing a way to convert fluid dynamics into linear motion. Hydraulic seals can be customized to your requirements.

SPNS is single-acting O-ring energized rod seals have proven to be ideal for a variety of applications. These seals are typically made from our high-quality materials and are designed with an elastomer booster to optimize performance. It can be used as a single rod seal or as a secondary seal in a rod seal system to provide optimum sealing performance.


  • Chemical resistance and heat resistance.

  • Wear resistance, Chemical resistance.

  • Low temperature resistance.

  • Dry heat resistance.

  • High temperature, fluid resistant, very low compression setting FKM.

  • Compression setting resistance.

◆◆ PTFE, nbr / fkm rubber

Material descriptionPTFE filled Bronze, PTFE filled carbon fiber and MoS2, PTFE filled Graphite, PTFE filled PI, PTFE filled Ekonol, and so on.
Available ColorBlack, green, coffee, gold and so on
Material StrengthThis packing has low frictional resistance, which eliminates stick slip and assures high wear resistance. It's a standard combination seal and can be used for a wide range of operations.
Applied deviceMobile Hydraulic equipment / standard cylinder / Presses/excavators

DSH-Hydraulic Rod Seal Spns-hydraulic Rod Seal Low Speed Step Seal
DSH-Hydraulic Rod Seal Spns-hydraulic Rod Seal Low Speed Step Seal-1
DSH-Hydraulic Rod Seal Spns-hydraulic Rod Seal Low Speed Step Seal-2

◆◆ Slide Ring for Piston - SPNS

DSH-Hydraulic Rod Seal Spns-hydraulic Rod Seal Low Speed Step Seal-3

Technical Data
 PressureTemperatureSliding speedMedium
Standard≤35 MPa-30…+160 ℃≤1.5 m/s Minderal oil based hydraulic fluids, barely flammable hydraulic fluids,water,air and others.
  O ringslide ring
Standard      (on request)FKMPTFE-carbon
 Max Gap EE≤0.6mmE≤0.4mmE≤0.2mm
Order Example for standard version:
Diameter  d=100mm   
Order Code:SPNS 100*115.1*6.3
Installation Dimension table based on Metric Size(mm)
h f8 D H9L+0.2Hd1R1≤C≥
Order List
Order NumberDdHh Order NumberDdHh
SPNS 004048.92.22SPNS 0380L3848.74.23.9
SPNS 005059.92.22SPNS 03803853.16.35.9
SPNS 0060610.92.22SPNS 0400L4050.74.23.9
SPNS 0070711.92.22SPNS 04004055.16.35.9
SPNS 0080L812.92.22SPNS 0420L4252.74.23.9
SPNS 0080815.33.22.9SPNS 04204257.16.35.9
SPNS 0100L1014.92.22SPNS 0450L4555.74.23.9
SPNS 01001017.33.22.9SPNS 04504560.16.35.9
SPNS 0120L1216.92.22SPNS 0500L5060.74.23.9
SPNS 01201219.33.22.9SPNS 05005065.16.35.9
SPNS 0140L1418.92.22SPNS 0560L5666.74.23.9
SPNS 01401421.33.22.9SPNS 05605671.16.35.9
SPNS 0150L1519.92.22SPNS 0600L6070.74.23.9
SPNS 01501522.33.22.9SPNS 06006075.16.35.9
SPNS 0160L1620.92.22SPNS 06306378.16.35.9
SPNS 0160L1623.33.22.9SPNS 06506580.16.35.9
SPNS 0180L1822.92.22SPNS 06706782.16.35.9
SPNS 0180L1825.33.22.9SPNS 07007085.16.35.9
SPNS 0200L2027.33.22.9SPNS 07107186.16.35.9
SPNS 02002030.74.23.9SPNS 07507590.16.35.9
SPNS 0220L2229.33.22.9SPNS 08008095.16.35.9
SPNS 02202232.74.23.9SPNS 085085100.16.35.9
SPNS 0224L22.429.73.22.9SPNS 090090105.16.35.9
SPNS 022422.433.14.23.9SPNW 095095110.16.35.9
SPNS 0250L2532.33.22.9SPNS 1000100115.16.35.9
SPNS 02502535.74.23.9SPNS 1050105120.16.35.9
SPNS 0280L2835.33.22.9SPNS 1100110125.16.35.9
SPNS 02802838.74.23.9SPNS 1120112127.16.35.9
SPNS 0300L3037.33.22.9SPNS 1150115130.16.35.9
SPNS 03003040.74.23.9SPNS 1200120135.16.35.9
SPNS 0320L3239.33.22.9SPNS 1250125140.16.35.9
SPNS 03203242.74.23.9SPNS 1300130145.16.35.9
SPNS 0350L3542.33.22.9SPNS 1350135150.16.35.9
SPNS 03503545.74.23.9SPNS 1400140155.16.35.9
SPNS 0355L35.542.83.22.9SPNS 1500150165.16.35.9
SPNS 035535.546.24.23.9SPNS 1600160180.16.35.9
SPNS 0360L3643.33.22.9SPNS 1700170185.16.35.9
SPNS 03603646.84.23.9SPNS 1800180190.16.35.9
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