[Section]Basic sealing principle of magnetic fluid seal?

by:DSH     2019-06-06

What is the magnetic fluid seal?Magnetic fluid, as the name implies, is composed of fine particles of magnetic iron oxide or ferrite. the Dongsheng seal tells you that the suspension liquid in various liquids is composed.Although its properties are like any homogeneous liquid, it is affected by the magnetic field.This property is used in the design of the magnetic fluid seal.

The simpler magnetic fluid seal consists of two magnetic poles, separated by a magnet magnetized along the axial direction and some magnetic fluid (Figure 1-Typical structure diagram of simple magnetic fluid seal).The magnetic lines formed in the closed magnetic circuit gather the magnetic fluid into the gap, resulting in no leakage that can be detected in fact, only a small viscous resistance and no contact with the worn seals.The viscous resistance has nothing to do with the pressure being sealed and does not produce 'static friction', while the rotation resistance is small, meaning that the seal can work successfully at high shaft speeds.However, it may be required at a high rotational speed to prevent the degradation of the liquid by the viscous shear heating of the liquid.

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[Section]Basic sealing principle of magnetic fluid seal?

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