[Section] a seal or oil seal made of perf ether

by:DSH     2019-06-06

The fluorine ether rubber seal (oil seal) is composed of TFE (main chain), PMVE (branch chain) and Bridge Part. it not only has excellent high temperature resistant seals like PTFE, the performance of chemical corrosion resistance (can withstand the corrosion of more than 1600 chemicals), and also has the elasticity of rubber, and its compression deformation rate at 300 °c is only below 50%.

Ordinary all-fluorine rubber seals (Oil Seal)The operating temperature range is-25 ℃ ~ Between 240 °c, The perf rubber 7075 has a high temperature resistance of up to 327 °c, even when exposed to a constant temperature of 316 °c or an intermittent high temperature environment like 343 °c, fluorine ether rubber production will not lead to hardening and brittle sealing failure, and fluorine ether rubber can still maintain its elasticity and rebound performance in direct contact with aggressive fluids.In fact, the thermal stability of fluorine ether rubber often exceeds those of the fluid itself.

All-fluorine rubber seals (Oil Seal)It also has excellent air tightness (The degree of vacuum resistance can reach 1.33X10-7-1.33X10-8 PA)With high cleanliness and ion resistance, these features are also widely used in the semiconductor industry.

[Section] a seal or oil seal made of perf ether rubber (FFPM or FFKM)

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