[Rubber] material difference of rotating lip sealing ring

by:DSH     2019-06-06

Rotating lip-shaped sealing ring and reciprocating sealing ring are dynamic sealing elements for shaft use.The rotating lip sealing ring can be divided into rotating oil seal, Gladstone ring and V ring, and the rotating oil seal can be divided into skeleton and skeleton-free oil seal.The skeleton oil seal is a commonly used rotating seal ring in Dongsheng. its pressure resistance and sealing effect are very good.

However, the main material of the lip-shaped sealing ring is rubber, and the skeleton is thin steel plate or stainless steel plate.

1. the rubber temperature adaptation range is relatively wide, and the application of fluorine rubber and silicone rubber expands the application range of rubber materials;

2. the adaptability of rubber and medium is good, and different materials can be selected according to different working conditions;

3. the sealing ring of rubber material has good elasticity, and the modified composite material has higher operation speed than the ordinary sealing ring;

4.Good rubber follow, good low pressure sealing performance, can be used for pneumatic rotary sealing, high requirements for lubrication conditions, can not be used for pneumatic rotary sealing without lubrication;

5.The pure rubber material is soft and does not withstand high pressure. it is necessary to add clip-woven fiber to increase its hardness and strength.

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[Rubber] material difference of rotating lip sealing ring

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