[Pu] high elastic features of rubber seals and

by:DSH     2019-06-06

Rubber seals (Rubber seal)The material of the material has the elasticity, high elasticity and electrical insulation, if it is a rubber spring (Rubber spring)Is it still characterized by high elasticity?Dongsheng seal tells you that the spring made of rubber material is also a high elastic body, which consists of rubber spring and composite rubber spring.The elastic modulus of the rubber spring is small, and there is a large elastic deformation after loading, so as to absorb the impact and vibration.This curled long-chain molecular structure of the rubber seal and the weak secondary force between the molecules make the rubber material show a unique viscosity and elasticity, so it has good results.

Rubber spring (Rubber spring)The shape is not affected and has a large elasticity (Seals)Deformation, easy to achieve non-linear requirements, good vibration and sound insulation effect.The composite rubber spring is compared with the rubber spring. The former shape is subject to the metal spiral spring, with high linear requirements and heavy weight, but the advantages of its large load bearing capacity are not comparable to that of the pure rubber spring.To sum up, the rubber shock absorber made of rubber also has good shock absorption effect.

* Material features of rubber spring seals:

1. the rubber spring has deformation properties in three directions, and large errors are allowed during installation;

2. the elastic modulus of the seal is much smaller than that of the metal, which can produce large elastic deformation;

3. due to the damping characteristic of the rubber seal material, the absorption vibration energy can be converted into, and its anti-shock capacity is much larger than that of metal, especially suitable for high-frequency vibration;

4. the shape of the rubber spring can be arbitrarily selected, so that the stiffness of the upper and lower, left and right, and the front and rear directions can be reasonably designed by the shock absorption element, which can greatly simplify the structure of the shock absorber;

5. rubber shock absorber (Seals)The structure is simple, easy to use and repair, almost no need for repair, no wear, no rust, no oil lubrication, no effect on water and dust, no sudden damage during use, and reliable use.

[Pu] high elastic features of rubber seals and rubber springs

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