[Pu]A magnetic fluid seal with pressure resistance

by:DSH     2019-06-06

pressure resistance magnetic fluid seal related to the size of the gap, the choice of the gap depends on several factors.Dongsheng seal tells you that the pressure resistance of the magnetic fluid seal is related to the gap size, and it is inclined to use a smaller gap.However, the magnetic fluid itself is not on the bearing, so the shaft needs to be supported by the ordinary bearing.In order to prevent the running-in contact between the magnetic pole and the shaft in any working condition, there is enough gap.On the other hand, the excessive gap not only reduces the pressure resistance of the seal in terms of its size, but also can achieve a large magnetic field strength due to the influence of magnetic leakage.

In fact, the typical gap value is 0.05 ~ 0.125 (0.002 to 0.005in)Although this value can be increased to O.25mm (0.010in)To adapt to eccentric motion.

multi-level seal can be used instead of a single gap seal to improve the withstand pressure.This can take the form of a tooth-shaped projection on the shaft under the pole or on the pole itself (Figure 2-Section diagram of multi-stage magnetic fluid seal structure).The effect frame is to gather magnetic fluid near each tooth. Therefore, the total pressure resistance is equal to the sum of pressure resistance at all levels.

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[Pu] magnetic fluid seal with pressure resistance and gap size?

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