[Popular ScienceWhat is a high temperature seal?

by:DSH     2019-06-06

What is a high-temperature seal? it is a seal for rubber products. Dongsheng seal tells you that it was originally limited to low-temperature use below 125 °c, but there are certain exceptions (For example, the material of silicone rubber and fluorine rubber seal can reach 250 ℃).However, in specific applications, the performance range of the standard seal structure can be improved by either sealing the liquid, holding it at the appropriate working temperature, or capping or sealing, maintain this part as an acceptable measure of renewal.Especially suitable for mechanical shaft seal, where the seal structure often allows the use or proxy seal material to reach the working temperature range for further improvement of the seal, which is called high temperature seal.

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[Popular ScienceWhat is a high temperature seal?

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