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by:DSH     2019-06-09

The metallurgical cylinder sealing ring is one of the important components of the cylinder seal, and the cylinder seal is a dynamic seal. the dynamic seal is divided into Rotary seal and reciprocating seal according to its function, the Dongsheng seal tells you that the metallurgical cylinder seal belongs to the reciprocating seal.There are many types of reciprocating seals, and the sealing ring structure and materials are different. here is how to choose the sealing ring structure, material and model according to the features of the metallurgical cylinder.

What is the characteristic of metallurgical cylinder? First of all, according to the working environment of the metallurgical industry, the metallurgical cylinder is often operated under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high radiation heat and multi-medium. In the working state, the action of the cylinder is relatively frequent, and the liquid pressure in the cylinder can be as high as 30 ~ 40mpa, oil temperature can be close to 200 ℃. Therefore, the stability and durability required by the cylinder are very high, and the maintenance is relatively troublesome.

What are the general types of metallurgical cylinder seals? The cylinder seal has a dynamic seal and a static seal. the static seal generally uses an O-ring or O-ring with a retaining ring (at high pressure), a rectangular sealing ring or a rectangular sealing ring with a retaining ring (at high pressure ), star sealing ring can be used occasionally; under normal circumstances, most of the materials for static sealing use NBR rubber materials, when the use temperature exceeds 100 ℃. The following describes the types of seals that can be used by the metallurgical cylinder reciprocating seal according to functional function and structural form.

I. according to the function, it can be divided into a series of shaft sealing rings (lip, Y, U), hole sealing rings and dust sealing rings (combination rings;

Two, metallurgy hydraulic cylinder reciprocating seal by seals products of structure form is divided into lip reciprocating sealing ring and combination sealing ring;

Third, there is also a class of seals for reciprocating motion seals that are guide rings (Support ring or wear ring)As a guide to the piston or piston rod and absorb the radial force.

How to choose the structure and features of the cylinder sealing ring in metallurgical industry?

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