How to calculate the width parameters of guide ring seals?

by:DSH     2019-06-09

The seal of the piston rod consists of hydraulic seal, guide ring, dust seal ring, etc.Dongsheng seal tells you that the guide ring mainly supports and guides the piston rod, prevents it from scratching or eccentric, and improves the durability of the seal. the width calculation is as follows.

Calculation Formula: T = (F f)/(d Pr)

T: width mm of wear ring;

F: radial load N;

D: mm diameter of piston or piston rod;

Pr: allowable radial load MPa.

Dust seals prevent dust from entering, protecting equipment and maintaining sealing performance, with anti-scraping function.The piston rod needs a certain oil film to lubricate the movement in the guide sleeve. these oil films will accumulate into drops due to the action of the outer lip of the rubber seal, resulting in leakage, so the inner lip of the dust seal should have the effect of scraping oil, the oil film is stopped between the dust seal and the main seal, so that the oil film can not be lubricated but not leaked.Dust-proof effect adopts special type dust-proof seal as required.Its material is NBR rubber and has a sealing surface of comb-shaped section on the outside, ensuring its reliable positioning in the trench.

How to calculate the width parameters of guide ring seals?

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