How to buy oil-resistant V-type rubber seals?

by:DSH     2019-06-09

Do you know the V-shaped rubber seal?Usually we always consider when selecting seals, whether such seals are suitable for the mechanical and chemical equipment used.The V-section specification seal is also called lip-shaped sealing ring and V-shaped sealing ring. Therefore, when purchasing such V-shaped rubber seals, we should consider the product's own problems and the basic understanding of V-shaped seals, such as the temperature resistance, size and working conditions of the sealing ring!

In the purchase of an oil-resistant rubber seal product, the first thing we need to know is its manufacturing material.The Dongsheng seal tells you that the physical properties of the rubber have high elasticity, slightly plastic, have very good mechanical strength, have small lag loss, and have low heat during multiple deformation, therefore, it is also very resistant to flex, and because it is non-polar rubber, the electrical insulation performance is good.Secondly, the special synthetic rubber has better oil resistance and temperature resistance, and can resist the swelling of fat oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil and solvent oil.

I. basic knowledge of V-shaped rubber seals:

V-shaped seal, with V-shaped section according to seal specification model, is also a standard typical lip seal ring.

Two. basic classification of V-shaped rubber seals:

2.1 Classification of sealing materials: general classification of pure rubber V-sealing ring and clip-on V-type rubber seal (Also known as clip fabric v seal)Two.

2.The device of V-shaped rubber seal is composed of V-shaped sealing ring, pressure ring and support ring.(As shown below).

3. application of standard parameters of V-shaped rubber seals in combination style?

V-type combination sealing ring can be widely used in materials, which is a common seal type for hydraulic cylinders.It is usually made of NBR material. due to the limited heat resistance of NBR, it can only be used in an environment below 120 ℃ for a long time.In the metallurgical industry, the temperature of the hydraulic system is often high, so the use of the NBR material V-type combination sealing ring.

How to buy oil-resistant V-type rubber seals?

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