[General] application mechanism and classification

by:DSH     2019-06-07

The sealing materials of rubber sealing gaskets are mainly divided into three categories, one is metal materials, including aluminum, lead, inin and stainless steel. The second class is made of non-metal seals, including rubber, plastics, ceramics, graphite, etc. Dongsheng seal tells you that the three types are composite seal materials, including rubber-asbestos board, air gel felt-polyurethane, etc. However, rubber-like elastic seals are used more often.

I. sealing mechanism of sealing gasket?

The role of the sealing pad is caused by the contact pressure of the sealing material on the joint surface and the elastic response force for the fastening external force.

Two. classification and structural form of sealing gaskets?

The gasket is divided into three categories: non-metal sealing gasket, non-metal and metal combination sealing gasket and metal sealing gasket, the common materials are rubber, leather, asbestos board, Cork, PTFE, tinplate, steel, aluminum, copper and stainless steel.

Third, what are the performance of the sealing gasket?

1. air tightness of gasket seal

For the medium of the dense system, the gasket does not leak during the recommended temperature and pressure work for a certain period of time;

2. compression of gasket seals

The contact surface with the flange should be well matched after the bolt is fastened to ensure the sealing;

3. creep resistance of gasket seal

Under the influence of pressure load and use temperature, the creep resistance should be better, otherwise the bolt torque loss will be caused, resulting in the surface stress of the gasket reduced, and the hard gas system will leak;

4. chemical corrosion resistance of gasket seals

The gasket selected should not be corroded by the chemical medium and cannot pollute the medium;

5. Elastic Return of gasket seals

Even in the stable condition of the system, the two flanges connected will definitely have small displacement due to the influence of temperature and pressure, and the gasket should be able to make up for this displacement to ensure the sealing performance of the system;

6. Anti-Adhesion of gasket seal

After use, it should be able to easily remove from the flange without bonding;

7. non-corrosive gasket seal

No corrosion on the surface of the connecting flange;

8. temperature resistance of gasket seals

Ensure normal use at lower temperature and higher temperature of the system.

[General] application mechanism and classification form of sealing gasket

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