Function features and use of high temperature

by:DSH     2019-06-10

What is high temperature resistant fluorine rubber (FKM)Valve Seal?What is the function characteristic of valve oil seal?The Dongsheng sealing ring tells you that the main function of the valve oil seal is to prevent the engine oil from entering the exhaust pipe, causing unnecessary oil loss.At the same time, it can prevent the mixture of gasoline and air and the leakage of exhaust gas.Valve oil seal is one of the important parts in engine valve assembly, and it is in contact with gasoline and oil under working high temperature conditions, so it needs to be made of seals with good heat resistance and oil resistance, FKM fluorine rubber is generally recommended for customization.

First, fluorine rubber (FKM)The compression deformation rate of the valve oil seal is low, and the wear resistance, bending strength and tear resistance of the working process are particularly good, and the elongation rate under the tensile strength is large;

Two, the general high temperature conditions of the valve oil seal are-30 ℃ ~ 260 ℃, adjustable hardness range;

Third, the characteristic of fluorine rubber valve oil seal is oil resistance and corrosion resistance, good solvent resistance, high mechanical strength, ozone resistance, aging resistance and long service life;

Function features and use of high temperature resistant fluorine rubber valve oil seal?

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