[Fine]Surface finish in piston seal?

by:DSH     2019-06-07

The surface finish in the piston seal is also an important factor and may, in turn, dominate the selection of the material for the applicable seal.The Dongsheng seal tells you that the rubber seal usually requires a high degree of surface light on the running-in surface (1 渭inra or better)While most of the clip-on rubber seals can withstand surface roughness of up to 32 渭 in for a long time.For more rough hole finish or occasions where the surface of the hole may be corroded (Working Environment), Can choose to use the leather packing seal, in order to give the excellent performance on the basis of high pressure long life work.

In any case, the effect of surface finish on wear will increase at high pressure, and the seal life in this working condition will have a great relationship with the surface finish involved.The sealing assembly provides superiority in this regard, as the lip mouth of all individual seals is not necessarily loaded by the entire fluid pressure, and even the ventilated circle has pressure drop along the width of the valve.When there are enough circles in the sealing assembly, the failure of a circle part can still be adapted by the circle without mourning.

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[Fine]Surface finish in piston seal?

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