Features and application of hydraulic cylinder

by:DSH     2019-06-13

What are the features of the mountain combination sealing ring in the hydraulic cylinder seal?Today, the Dongsheng seal tells you that the Mountain type combination sealing ring is a two-way piston sealing ring designed for one-way or two-way working piston sealing.

Piston seal Mountain ring SH

First, what are the features of the mountain seal ring?

1. the closed groove and the positive piston reduce the length of the piston and save production costs;

2. good sealing performance in both static and dynamic state or mortgage State;

3. the sealing ring has good performance and low failure rate, and it is easy to find and eliminate problems;

4. it also has good performance in high temperature environment;

5. good piston guide and clearance balance requires low clearance for the piston and cylinder, strong bearing capacity for radial loads, and the sealing ring is not easy to rotate;

6. the retaining ring and the wear ring are open and oblique. it is easy to install, does not require special equipment and tools, and is convenient for maintenance.

Two, what is the application of mountain-type combined sealing ring in hydraulic cylinder?

The mountain seal ring is generally used in hydraulic cylinders for reciprocating motion, with a pressure of less than 25Mpa (When the pressure shock can be relaxed to less than 30Mpa)High reciprocating speed 0.In the hydraulic cylinder of 5 m/s, it can play a good sealing effect.

Features and application of hydraulic cylinder Mountain type combined sealing ring

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