Failure phenomenon and solution table of O-type

by:DSH     2019-06-14

The wide use of rubber sealing rings is not tight, which brings good sealing effect. There are also many factors that affect sealing. Dongsheng seal takes you to have a deep understanding of the failure phenomenon and solution table affecting O-type rubber sealing ring:

The sealing ring presents neat wounds;

Sharp sealing corners, no assembly chamfer;

The sealing ring size is wrong;

The hardness or elasticity of the sealing ring is too low;

Removing burrs, processing chamfer;

Select the sealing element with the right size;

Choose the sealing ring material with better elasticity and higher hardness;

The sealing ring has rough and tattered edges,

Usually on one side with low pressure;

The hardness or elasticity of the sealing ring is too low;

The trench space is too small;

Irregular clearance size;

The corners of the trench are too sharp;

The sealing ring size is not suitable;

Reduce the gap size;

Select seals with better elasticity and higher hardness;

Reasonable trench design;

Select the suitable sealing ring;

The contact surface of the sealing ring shows plane deformation;

Incomplete vulcanization of materials;

The deformation rate of materials is too high;

Excessive expansion of materials in chemical media;

Select materials with low deformation rate;

Reasonable trench design;

Confirm that the material is compatible with the medium;

The surface of the sealing ring is deformed in plane,

And may be accompanied by cracks;

Unreasonable design;

The deformation of the material due to heat or chemical media is not considered;

Caused by excessive pressure;

The trench design takes into account the chemical and thermal changes of the material;

Chemical corrosion can cause foaming, cracking,

Small holes, fading, etc.

It is known to measure its physical properties;

The material does not match the medium;

Choose materials that are more resistant to chemical media;

High temperature contact surface of sealing ring

Radial cracks, some materials May

Soft and even shiny;

The material cannot withstand high temperatures, or the temperature exceeds expectations

Temperature, or temperature changes too often

Select materials with high temperature resistance, if possible

Reduce the sealing surface temperature;

Sealing ring all or part of the sealing area

Wear and tear can be found on the sealing surface

To the particles of material wear;

Insufficient surface finish of the seal;

The sealing environment penetrates into the dirt with strong resistance;

Relative movement of seals;

The surface treatment of the sealing ring is not complete;

Use the recommended trench finish;

Use self-lubricating materials;

Components and environments that cause wear;

The surface of the sealing ring fades and has powder at the same time

The material remains on the surface, with the medium

There are corrosion marks on one side without contact;

Electrolysis and splashing by chemical reaction (ion pair structure surface

Material loss caused by impact), burning heat and unreasonable trench design;

The sealing material is not compatible with the medium;

Select materials that are compatible with the media;

Reduce exposure areas;

Check the trench design;

The surface of the sealing ring presents bubbles, pits,

Material absorption when the pressure is very large

Gas in the medium, pressure suddenly

Reduce the hour, the gas quickly escaped, made

Into a sealed skin;

The pressure changes too fast;

The hardness or elasticity of the seal material is too low;

Choose materials with high hardness and high elasticity;

Reduce the speed of decompression

Show curl phenomenon;

The speed of movement is too low;

The material is too hard or too low in elasticity;

Uneven surface treatment of O-rings'

Uneven groove size;

Rough Groove surface, insufficient lubrication;

Select high elastic materials;

Choose a self-lubricating material;

Appropriate trench design and machining accuracy to meet the requirements;

Try to 'with support ring;

The sealing ring is usually expressed as a section

Small size, difficult to detect;

Improper vulcanization of materials;

High vacuum sealing requirements;

The hardness of the material is too low, or the material with plasticizer is used;

Avoid the use of materials with plasticizer;

Confirm that the seal is treated with correct vulcanization to reduce leakage;

Sealing Ring cross section have foreign body;

Environmental pollution in the production process;

Corrosion or reaction of materials;

Materials of non-semiconductor industry grade;

Strengthen the environmental control of the production, transportation and use of sealing rings;

Failure phenomenon and solution table of O-type rubber sealing ring

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