[Details] application field of a PTFE seal material

by:DSH     2019-06-07

PTFE seal material product is a heavier kind of plastic, and its use temperature range is wide (-250 ~ 260 掳c) series of independent properties such as good chemical stability, excellent dielectric properties, self-lubricating properties and anti-viscosity, so it is widely used.The following Dongsheng seals tell you about the application of various PTFE seals and rubber products.

I. in chemical industry: it can be used as anti-corrosion materials and manufacturing various anti-corrosion parts (Pipe, Valve, pump and pipe fittings)Wait;The chemical equipment can make the lining and coating of reactors, distillation towers and anti-corrosion equipment.

Two, electronic and electrical appliances: it is mainly used to manufacture various wire and cable, battery electrode, battery diaphragm, printed circuit board, etc.

III. mechanical seals: they can be used as self-lubricating bearings, piston rings, oil seals and seals.Self-lubricating can reduce wear and heat of the machine and reduce power consumption.

Fourth, in medical materials: using its heat-resistant, water-resistant and non-toxic properties, it can be used as materials for various medical devices and artificial organs.The former, such as disinfection filter, Beaker, artificial heart and lung device, the latter, such as artificial blood vessels, heart and esophagus.

V. In terms of engineering: it can be made into polytetraphine pipes, rods, belts, plates, films, etc.Generally used in corrosion-resistant pipes, containers, pumps, valves, radar, high-frequency communication equipment, radio equipment, etc. with high performance requirements;And all kinds of Poly four fluorine sealing rings (Seals)Poly-four-fluorine sealing gasket and poly-four-fluorine packing are widely used in flange sealing of various anti-corrosion pipelines.

PTFE seal material products have the characteristic of chemical corrosion resistance compared with plastic, and it has been widely used as sealing material and filling material.Therefore, all kinds of PTFE products have played an important role in the national economy such as chemical industry, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, military industry, environmental protection and bridges.

[Details] application field of a PTFE seal material

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