Detailed application of rubber seal materials?

by:DSH     2019-06-25

[Encyclopedia] sealed rubber: usually based on dry or non-dry adhesives such as resin or synthetic resin, rubber or synthetic rubber, with inert fillers such as talcum powder, White Earth, carbon black and asbestos, then add plasticizer, solvent, curing agent, agent, etc.

1. classification of sealing rubber: it can be divided into three categories: elastic sealant, liquid sealing pad material and sealing putty;

2. sealing rubber application field: widely used for sealing construction, transportation, electronic instruments and parts;

3. sealing rubber is classified according to its use:

1.1 seal rubber for automobile (seal)

Automotive sealant is a new type of sealing material in the maintenance of modern automobile engines. There are many types of automotive sealant, which can be applied to different parts of the car. For example, it can solve the problems of water leakage, oil leakage and air leakage of automobile engines.

1.2 Building seal rubber (seal)

Such sealant is a seal used for various joints or holes in the building to prevent gas, liquid, solid penetration, to prevent structural materials from being destroyed when the structure is displaced, thus it has the function of heat preservation, sound insulation, waterproof, dust prevention, gas prevention, fire prevention, anti-corrosion, shock absorption and prevention of foreign matter accumulation in joints.

1.3 sealed rubber (SEAL) for packaging)

Sealing is an important part of packaging. The quality of the seal directly affects the packaging effect, the storage and life of the package, and even affects the reputation of the package.

1.4 sealing rubber (SEAL) for electrical insulation sealant)

In order to ensure the stability and reliability of the electrical performance and mechanical strength of the motor and electrical components, insulation sealing between conductors, gaps and outlet leads is required.

4. what are the properties of rubber seal materials?

1.1 strong weather resistance, non-cracking dissolution or excessive shrinkage of seals affect performance;

1.2 joints that resist telescopic movement, displacement and deformation;

1.3 The seal ensures that its sealing performance and shape changes of specifications are not affected;

1.4 can withstand high pressure;

1.5 not at high temperature

1.6 Special working environment can wear resistance, puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, rolling resistance, flammable, non-polluting, insulated or conductive, etc;

1.8 extrusion construction, storage stability.

Detailed application of rubber seal materials?

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