Cylinder failure maintenance and maintenance method

by:DSH     2019-06-29

Cylinder seals are often used in our hydraulic sealing industry. there is always a need to stop maintenance during the operation of mechanical equipment, just like a person needs enough sleep every day to supplement the fatigue of the day.Therefore, Dongsheng seal tells you that the cylinder of the cylinder seal often needs to be maintained, overhauled and maintained to improve the service life of the cylinder seal and the performance of the seal.So, what is the correct maintenance and maintenance of the cylinder sealing ring only?

1. the hydraulic cylinder equipment using the seal needs to replace the oil regularly (Hydraulic Oil)And carefully clear the filter screen to ensure the cleanliness standard, which can improve the service life of the seal structure and cylinder;

2. the oil cylinder equipment must be adjusted to adjust the system temperature. The temperature of the oil can easily affect the service life of the seal. the longer the time, the oil temperature will cause serious deformation and failure of the oil cylinder seal;

3. the Dongsheng Seal reminds you to eliminate the air in the system and preheat each system at the same time, so the cylinder equipment needs to be fully extended and fully contracted for trial operation for 5 trips and then run with load, cylinder failure can be avoided;

4. follow-up maintenance of bolts and threads of each connection system to avoid failure caused by looseness;

5. pay attention to the lubrication of the oil components to avoid dry friction;

6. protect the outer surface of the piston rod to prevent damage to the seal from bumping and scratching, and often clean up the dust on the dust prevention ring and the piston rod of the oil cylinder, prevent dirt that is not easy to clean on the surface of the piston rod from entering the cylinder to damage the piston, cylinder or seal.

Cylinder failure maintenance and maintenance method of cylinder seal

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