carbon ptfe lip seals DSH

carbon ptfe lip seals DSH

PTU(Piston & Rod)
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The PTU spring energized PTFE Seal rod & piston is not specifically designed for just one industry or application. The chemical and physical properties of its compounds make it a powerful problem solver in many situations. The seals always seem to gravitate toward certain difficult applications which include

  • Harsh chemicals and solvents.

  • High temperatures up to 260℃.

  • Cryogenic temperatures down to -40℃.

  • Unlubricated applications.

  • Where low friction is required.

  • High pressures up to 450bar.

  • High surface speeds when other seals overheat.

  • The most popular PTFE fillers used for PTU spring energized PTFE Seal rod & piston products are carbon fiber, fiberglass, aromatic polyester and graphite. Virgin PTFE is also popular for these products when conditions are mild.


  • • Compressors • Cryogenics • FDA Clean Grade • Jet Engines • Hydraulic Cylinders • Paint Sprayers.

  • • Pressure Washers • Robotics • Steering Cylinders • Valves • Vapor Recovery Systems • Many more.


  • • Aerospace • Automotive • Chemical Processing • Appliances • Machine Tools • Marine

  • • Medical • Pharmaceutical • Military • Heavy Machinery • Pulp & Paper • Hydraulic

  • • Food & Beverage • Electronic • Oil & Gas • Semiconductor • Plastics

◆◆ PTFE filled Stainless Steel Spring (Helical spring, cantilever spring-V type, Slant Coil Spring,Elgiloy helical spring

Material descriptionPTFE filled Bronze, PTFE filled carbon fiber and MoS2, PTFE filled Graphite, PTFE filled PI, PTFE filled Ekonol, PU and so on.
Available ColorBlack, green, coffee, white, red, blue, gold and so on
Material StrengthPiston and rod spring energized seals, low coefficient of friction, good chemical and heat resistance.
MediumVirtually all fluids, chemicals and gases
Used forStandard Heel Groove

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