Brief introduction to the specification structure

by:DSH     2019-06-08

The hydraulic seal specification structure is a self-sealing structure, which is simple and easy to adjust in the compression material, but the friction strength in the work of hydraulic machinery and equipment cannot be determined, can not change according to the change of work pressure.

I. If it is a V-type hydraulic seal specification structure, it is a one-way sealing element made of low-rigidity flexible material. The strength of its working seal depends on the pressure value. Therefore, the friction of low pressure is working in a large state.

Two, if the U-shaped hydraulic seal specification structure is adopted, the U-shaped sealing material is an elastic material, and the expansion body of the rubber is increased to ensure the contact surface with the sealing support, there is no friction in the work operation, resulting in displacement.

III. O-type hydraulic seal specification structure can work with V-shaped groove, and its contact surface and friction will increase due to pressure increase. the hydraulic O-type seal has the advantage of rectangular sealing ring and U-shaped sealing ring, high pressure and friction surfaces increase rapidly as pressure increases.

IV. hydraulic seal structure of rectangular section, suitable for high elastic material manufacturing is a suitable element for static seal and dynamic seal.

Dongsheng seal tells you that because the U-shaped hydraulic seal and the V-shaped hydraulic seal structure only seal in one direction, it is necessary to use it in pairs to seal the effect and pay attention to the correct configuration of the Assembly. If the liquid between a pair of seals cannot be discharged smoothly, it will easily lead to an increase in the pressure and friction of the equipment, and then the working temperature and heat will also rise, increasing the working load of the seals.

Brief introduction to the specification structure and various structural styles of O-type hydraulic seals

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