Analysis and improvement of automobile seal assembly

by:DSH     2019-06-08

What are the problems about the improvement of automobile seal assembly process?The Dongsheng seal tells you to overpress the Car Seal (Oil Seal)The skeleton is deformed, resulting in sealing failure;The oil seal does not see the interference of the press, and the improvement measures are to reasonably design the press fixture and increase the limit;Change the structure of the car seal, increase (Oil Seal)Rigid.

Damaged surface of automobile Oil Seal

I. improvement measures for seals

1. improvement plan

Use a single combined seal structure, use three-way dust sealing lip structure, and improve the dust prevention ability;The structural seal has high rigidity, is easy to assemble, does not deform, and avoids the damage of the oil seal lip caused by the collision of the seat ring. the inner and outer rubber layers are wave structures that can be easily installed and disassembled.

2. improvement plan

To avoid the problem points caused by the two assemblies, the two oil seal components are used in one design structure, which increases the excessive profit of the lip of the inner oil seal, and increases the inner gear at the inner oil seal skeleton, the overall rigidity is added, and the Assembly is not easy to deform.

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Analysis and improvement of automobile seal assembly process

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