An elastic hydraulic seal ring for industrial leather?

by:DSH     2019-06-08

Industrial leather sealing ring products are made of industrial leather, with toughness, temperature resistance, wear resistance and elasticity, and are suitable for sealing rings used in various hydraulic and pneumatic equipment mechanical sealing devices, the Dongsheng seal tells you to play a good sealing role at a working pressure of not more than 2Mpa.

What is the model of an elastic industrial leather hydraulic sealing ring? By Products end shape divided into L-SHAPED, U-shaped, V-SHAPED, J-shaped, rectangular and other five. Then, there are many kinds of rubber sealing ring materials, such as Ding Qing rubber seal material and PTFE rubber seal material. The Dongsheng seal tells you that the classification of leather is quite complicated. According to the tanning method, chrome tanned leather, vegetable tanned leather, oil tanned leather, aldehyde tanned leather and combined tanned leather can be included. According to the level, there are first-layer leather and second-layer leather, of which the first-layer leather has full-grain leather and face-repairing leather. the second-layer leather also has pig second-layer leather and cow second-layer leather.

The matrix of the leather sealing ring material is composed of bone glue and original protein fiber. the leather seal is made after being removed from perishable substances by spine, which is also called leather seal.So what are the features of the leather sealing ring material?

First, the elasticity of the material is small, and the elongation is small;

Two, good self-lubrication and long service life;

Third, the organization is dense, strong and strong, and the strength of Hangzhou is large;

Fourth, good wear resistance, high friction coefficient, large friction resistance.

An elastic hydraulic seal ring for industrial leather?

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