wiper seal design Sprinkler Heads Designed for Low Pressure

by:DSH     2019-06-07
wiper seal design Sprinkler Heads Designed for Low Pressure
The water pressure of most households is between 30 and 50 pounds per square inch.This wide range of changes is mainly caused by changes in the elevation of the land.For example, houses in low altitude areas have higher water pressure compared to structures in high altitude areas.To work properly, your spray head needs to match the water pressure of your property, especially if your water pressure is low.Fixed nozzles are common in lawn irrigation where there is a pop-For thorough watering, the upward riser extends above the grass leaves.These durable heads are designed for water pressure between 20 and 30 PSI with different watering modes such as 90-, 180-and 360-degree angles.However, due to their low pressure, at least one head is needed for every 18 square feet of garden.Select a fixed spray head with a spring retraction strength with a closed body, or choose a Wiper seal.Pop-The heads up can prevent exposed spats from tripping, but they should have a high quality design to avoid catching grass crumbs in the Assembly.Similar to the fixed head, the rotary nozzle extends out from the ground to irrigate your garden, but the head rotates at a low water pressure of 30 to 50 PSI.Due to its internal design, these head jets are more than 18 feet away and often spray water at a radius of 30 feet.Each head has a adjusting screw that you can change the spray radius to avoid overwatering on the sidewalk.However, increasing the spray radius too far may cause the sprinkler to smoke in the garden.Spray causes a large amount of moisture loss to wind and evaporation;Reduce the watering radius to reduce the pressure through the head to get the best irrigation.A nozzle like a small fountain is called a bubble.These low pressure heads do not require high pressure water because they do not cover a large square area.In fact, they are watering their immediate location with a semi-circular or circular radius pattern, for example in a flower bed or vegetable garden.Bubbles produce a flow of water several inches wide, creating a humid environment for the wellPosition of drainage soil.If your water pressure fluctuates frequently, then your watering radius will not be affected because the blister is just to water a small area with low pressure.If your water pressure is very low, drip irrigation is only 20 PSI to provide stable water for your plants.A hose is used for drip irrigation, and the transmitter is laid directly on the surface of the soil.Using a filter and pressure regulator system, the water flows out of the nearby faucet and through the hose.The water slowly penetrates out of the transmitter and immediately enters the soil of the garden.When you effectively water your garden with low pressure, you reduce the loss of moisture from wind and evaporation.However, the hoses are observed on a regular basis because if they do not cover the cover, they may be damaged by walking or sunlight.The damaged hose causes excess pressure in the remaining line to rise and may break under strain.
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