valve seal manufacturers How to Change a Drain Valve Seal on a GE Dishwasher

by:DSH     2019-06-07
valve seal manufacturers How to Change a Drain Valve Seal on a GE Dishwasher
When you run the washing cycle, if there is a puddle under your GE dishwasher, it is likely that the drain valve seal leaks.The seals are located between the motor and the pump, so it is difficult to approach.In order to remove and replace the seal, the pump and motor must be removed first.Turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the dishwasher.Turn off the water stop valve.Remove the screws that fix the lower access panel of the dishwasher with a screwdriver.Most of them are Phillips screws, but some models may require nut drives.Remove the access panel.Place towels under the water inlet connection.Disconnect the water supply line with an adjustable wrench.Some water will overflow in the hose.Remove the screws that fix the cover plate of the junction box, and then remove the cover plate.Touch the voltage detector on the wire to make sure there is no electricity on the wire.Most testers light up and hum if the wires are live.Unscrew the wire nut and disconnect the wire.Pull the wire out of the junction box.Loosen the hose fixture or spring from the end of the drain hose and then unplug the hose from the garbage disposal or sink drain.Hose fixture can be released with flat panelScrewdriver or nut drive.Squeeze the spring clamp with adjustable pliers and slide a few inches along the hose.Open the door of the dishwasher and remove the screws that hold the washing machine to the underside of the counter.When you pull, take the dishwasher out of its small room, and at the same time pass the drain hose through the hole in the cabinet.Place the dishwasher on the back of the blanket.Disconnect the drain solenoid and motor wires.Remove the screws that fix the motor support bar.Loosen the pump shell fixture and pull the motor and pump shell freely as a unit.Catch the shaft of the motor with a pair of adjustable pliers to prevent it from turning.Turn the cutting blade counter-clockwise with a pair of needlesNose clamp and twist it off the bottom of the pump shell.Insert the putty knife into the label of the suction ring, turn clockwise and screw it off the pump shell.Lift the plastic wear ring below the suction ring.Hold the motor shaft with a pair of adjustable pliers to prevent rotation, then turn the impeller counter-clockwise with a pair of needlesThe mouth clamp that screwed it off the shaft.Remove the screw that holds the pump case to the motor with a cross screwdriver.Separate the motor from the pump shell.Push the old seal out of the pump shell with a screwdriver.When you push, be careful not to dig the pump shell.Apply a small amount of silicone grease on the seal and motor shaft.Push the new seal into the pump shell.Reassemble the pump case to the motor.Reinstall the new impeller, wear ring, suction ring.Follow the opposite disassembly steps to reinstall the pump and motor assembly into the dishwasher.Reinstall the dishwasher into its small room and make sure that the water supply and drainage hoses do not bend when you push.Reconnect the wire, water supply and drain hose.Open the circuit breaker water stop valve.Run the flushing cycle to verify there is no leakage.Reinstall the lower access panel.
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