uk to enjoy record temperatures this weekend - high pressure seals

by:DSH     2019-10-29
uk to enjoy record temperatures this weekend  -  high pressure seals
This week, jet flows over the Atlantic Ocean will drop sharply, bringing very mild air from the Azores and bringing some very mild conditions to the UK.
By the end of the week, Mercury may reach the southern middle to the teenage C, and the jet stream will reach the northern part of the British Islands, let the country bathe in Italy at temperatures comparable to traditional Spanish hotspots.
The country will be located on the edge of a huge ridge of high pressure, which will attract gentle southwest air flows from the Azores to the UK, pushing temperatures to unusually mild levels.
Some computer models show it could reach 18 degrees Celsius by Saturday, a record high in February.
Compared to the average 9C of the year.
However, there is still some uncertainty in the forecast and the temperature will depend on the exact location of the high pressure.
Less before that.
Mild, there is more risk of an influx of instability from the Atlantic Ocean.
There may be heavy rain in some places and it will feel cooler.
It is expected that when the temperature starts to rise, the high pressure will resume in the middle of the week.
The spokesman said: "This week, the higher pressure in the South usually keeps the south and south-east dry, and most of them are sunny days.
"In other places, the weather will get cloudy and sometimes it will rain in the northwest.
"It will be mild, and in the course of the year, the temperature is mostly 3 to 6C higher than the normal temperature.
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