teflon plastic strips How to Replace Dryer Wear Strips

by:DSH     2019-06-09
teflon plastic strips How to Replace Dryer Wear Strips
The front of the dryer drum is located on two slides or plastic strips attached to the bracket on the partition.These strips wear off when the drum rotates and your dryer may start screaming and squeaking.Over time, the drum is in contact with the metal sliding bracket and creates grinding noise.The worn strip causes the drum to sag and creates a gap between the dryer drum and the cabinet.This gap can grab your clothes and damage them.Replace worn stripes to prevent increased noise and avoid damaging your clothes.Disconnect the dryer from the power supply.Turn off the gas from the gas heating dryer.Remove the front panel and partition from the dryer.All Gas and Electric dryers operate the same way;The heat source heats the air, and the blower moves the heated air by rotating the drum, but the appliance manufacturer does not make all the dryer cabinets the same."How to open the cabinet of the dryer" in the reference for how to open the specific dryer.Move the partition of the dryer to a solid working surface.Position the partition, so the side of the partition facing the drum will face the ceiling.Look for two brackets along the bottom of the dryer drum opening that support the wear strip or slide.Use your fingers to push up at the narrow end of the taxi and from the bracket slot.Rotate the old Taxi 1-Turn left or right and release the wide end from the bracket slot.Insert the wide end of the replacement slide into the longer slot in the bracket.Spin a taxi-quarter turn.Insert the narrow end of the taxi into the smaller bracket hole.Repeat the replacement steps for the remaining taxiing.Reassemble the dryer to make sure the front of the drum is at the top of the new taxi.
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