rubber seal repair How to Change the Rubber Seal on an LG Washing Machine

by:DSH     2019-06-07
rubber seal repair How to Change the Rubber Seal on an LG Washing Machine
LG’s front-The repair Clinic explained that the loading gasket has been at or near the top of the market share for many years and has the function of directly driving and efficiently utilizing energy.You might blame the leak in front of you.Failure to load LG washing machine into the bottom of door seal.To fix the leak, first order the correct replacement door seal for your model.You can open the door and look at the nameplate above the bathtub and find the model number.The model will be a series of letters and numbers that look similar or identical to LG's most popular model WT1701CV or the best comment unit WM3250HVA.Unplug the LG washing machine.Spread the spring to a 6-point position with a flat head screwdriver or a spring expansion tool, thus removing the boot clamp sealed around the door boot opening of the tub.Peel off the boot seal from the opening of the bathtub, a wide gray rubber.Set it aside.Remove the white plastic wire connector from the latch on the right side of the door at 3.Open the pump filter cover in the lower left corner of the front panel and pull out the rubber drain pipe from the white plastic clip.Pull out the housing screw on the right side of the drain screw and place it in a small box or jar.Pull the house out.Remove the front panel housing screws now exposed.Put it aside too.Remove the washer from the wall and remove the screws in the two hinges at the back of the top-Like accessories.Watch out for its sharp metal edge, slide the top back about an inch, and lift it up to remove it.Set it aside.Go back to the top left corner of the LG washing machine and pull out the dispenser drawer.Press down the blue lock, then slide out of the drawer and put it aside.Loosen the screws on both sides of the drawer opening, secure the control panel in place and save it.View the mounting screws on the back of the control panel and remove them.Move from left to right, press the control panel with the flat press of the hand or screwdriver blade to install the label to release the panel.Set it aside.Release the upper front panel mounting screws by removing the control panel.Lift the front panel up and out.Loosen the clip exposed at 12 points on the steam and cycle hose with pliers.Lift the clip and unplug the hose from the port on the upper part of the seal.Bend down to the lower sealing port.Similarly, loosen the clip to the drain pipe;Press it and unplug the hose from the drain.Remove the tub boot clip with a screwdriver or spring expansion tool, which is a large piece of thin metal.Seal the original boots off the outside tub.Pull out the original steam and circulation nozzle from the port or port on the old seal, a bright orange plastic device.Push it into the port or port on the new seal until it is stuck in place.Rub the liquid plate soap into the sealing slot for lubrication.Press the groove on the lips at the top of the bathtub with the indicated arrow of the seal, which is consistent with the nozzle, 12 points on the tub pointing and aligned with the matching arrow.Seal the seal in place around the entire tub opening.Place the original tub boot clip on the seal with a spring on top of the tub.This is the most challenging part of the task.If you don't have a spring extension tool, which makes it easier to work, you can work with an assistant or two flat head screwdrivers.Manually fix the belt in place, and work gently with the screwdriver, fix the belt in place, just as you gradually fix the seal in place using the tire rod on the bicycle tire.By connecting the hose and clip, front panel, control panel, distributor drawer, main top, pump filter housing, drain pipe, latch wire connector, reverse the steps of reassembling the LG washing machine, door lip seal and boot clip.Reinsert the LG washing machine and test if it leaks by washing a lot of clothes.
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