piston seal leak How to Change Oil in a Craftsman 4-Cycle Trimmer

by:DSH     2019-06-08
piston seal leak How to Change Oil in a Craftsman 4-Cycle Trimmer
Whether it's 4-4 cylinder or 4 cylinder car engineCycle trimmer motor, one of the best things you can do for it is to change the oil regularly.The old oil carries fine pieces of metal produced by the piston to the movement of the cylinder, which penetrate into the piston seal and cause a leak.When you change the oil, you not only eliminate these pieces, but also improve lubrication because the old oil will lose its effectiveness when worn out.The craftsman trimmer uses SAE 30 oil, which is the same type of oil you put in your car.By pulling down the boots, remove the wires from the Mars plug of the craftsman trimmer.This prevents the trimmer from starting up unexpectedly while you are working.Place a 1-A quart container on a workbench, such as an old paint can or jar.Unscrew and remove the plug.Place the trimmer vertically on the container and let the oil flow into the container.Be patient.It may take a few minutes for all the oil to be discharged.Place the trimmer on the bench, wipe any oil spilled on the bench with a rag, and clean the oil on the trimmer shell.Fill the plastic measuring cup with 3/8 cup SAE 30 oil.If your cup is made of rice, it's 90.Pour the oil into the quill.Observe the oil injection hole with a flashlight and check the oil level.It should just touch the bottom thread.If it's lower than this, turn it off.Replace the oil plug and snap the boot back to the spark plug.
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