Advantages and disadvantages of seals for special

by:DSH     2019-06-06

Hydraulic transmission is to transfer force and speed by the volume change of the sealed oil cavity.Dongsheng seal you tell you that poor sealing can cause oil leakage, which makes the movement of the mechanism unstable, reduces the volume efficiency and pollutes the environment. if it is serious, it will not be able to establish pressure and the system will not work.

1. gap seal:

Cylinder design structure diagram of gap seal

Advantages: simple, small friction without any seals.

Disadvantages: leakage cannot be completely prevented, and the tightness cannot be improved with the increase of pressure.

Application: environment with small diameter, low pressure, fast speed and low sealing performance, such as reversing valve and hydraulic pump (column

Plug pump)Hydraulic motor, etc.Hardly used in the cylinder.

2. O-ring seal:

Oil cylinder design diagram of O-type seal

Generally made of rubber.

Advantages: simple structure, good sealing performance and small friction.

Disadvantages: can not compensate after wear, short life.

Application: it can be used for linear reciprocating and rotary motion, but more for fixing seals, such as seals between pipelines, cylinder heads and cylinder liners.Or for low-grade, non-critical devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of seals for special series of hydraulic cylinders (1)

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