A high-efficiency O-ring sealing ring specification

by:DSH     2019-06-06

O-rings (O-rings) is a widely used sealing product and a reliable sealing element recognized by everyone. O-type rubber products have a circular sealing ring section, which is also called rubber o-ring because the section is o-shaped. Dongsheng seal tells you to correctly use the sealing ring specifications and sizes to improve the working effect of hydraulic machinery, but users rarely think about the reasons for the wide recognition of O-ring seals and what their actual working methods are.

Although many types of seals have the same function, the wide application of O-rings is more affected by commercial reasons. For example, when using a closer seal, the housing required for the seal must be larger because of the higher. In this way, the whole device is larger and the sealing ring is higher than the tight O-ring.

Because of many reasons, O-ring seals are widely used, and the relative factors are relatively cheap. and the space occupied is not large. Secondly, the shell structure is very simple and it is easier to design mechanical equipment, it is also not expensive; it can be sealed in two directions, so only one seal is required on the two-way action hungry device.

The O-ring can be regarded as an automatic seal, so it is extremely useful with high versatility. As shown in the figure, it is a typical case O-ring seal. In order to seal under the condition of no pressure or very low pressure, mechanical extrusion type sealing ring must be adopted, the general extrusion coefficient is 6-15%, and the initial sealing force generated by extrusion is P.

In order for the sealing ring to work normally, it is important to expose one side of the seal to the medium so that the system pressure can act on the surface and thus force the seal. Therefore, the shape of the square form groove is not suitable to prevent the O-type sealing ring, but should be used in the rectangular groove.

 high-efficiency O-ring sealing ring specification advantages and working methods

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