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A fluorine silicone rubber seal for special synthetic

A fluorine silicone rubber seal for special synthetic
by:DSH     2019-06-06

What is the nature of a special synthetic rubber fluorine silicone rubber seal material?Fluorine silicone rubber (Fluorosilicone Gum)It is also called trifluoride-methyl polysilicone, and vinyl silicone is also introduced in the general molecular chain.The Dongsheng seal tells you that the colorless, transparent, high viscosity plastic straight chain polymer compound of the fluorine silicone rubber seal material, the main chain is composed of silicon and oxygen atoms, and the side base connected to silicon is methyl, vinyl and trifluoride, the molecular weight is 50 ~ Between 0.8 million.With various additives, the homogeneous compound can be mixed.Under the action of peroxide, various elastic rubber seal products can be cured.In addition to the properties of general silicone rubber seal materials, there are excellent properties such as aviation fuel oil, hydraulic oil, oil, chemical reagents and solvents.

special synthetic rubber--The fluorine silicone rubber seal has the high temperature resistance of silicone rubber and the corrosion resistance and oil resistance of fluorine rubber.Rubber products are suitable for sealing aircraft fuel tank, engine parts, fuel oil hose, oil pressure system seals, pump diaphragm, etc;It is more suitable for diaphragm, gasket, pipe and sealing ring of various high-temperature, oil-resistant and chemical-resistant drugs.

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 fluorine silicone rubber seal for special synthetic rubber?

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