[3]The change of compression ratio and tension

by:DSH     2019-06-07

The rubber sealing material to be used in the manufacture of rotating rubber hydraulic seal products needs to be developed with various formulas.In the compression state, the compression stress phenomenon will occur, so the compression stress will decrease with the increase of time.The longer its use time, the greater the compression ratio and tensile volume, the greater the stress drop caused by rubber stress, resulting in insufficient elasticity of rubber seals and loss of sealing capacity.Therefore, trying to reduce the compression rate and increase the section size of the seal specification in a permissible working state is a measure to reduce the compression rate.

In addition, attention should be paid to calculating the compression rate, often ignoring the reduction of the section height caused by the tension of the hydraulic seal during assembly.The change in the section area of the Rotary Rubber hydraulic seal product is inversely proportional to the change in its circumference.At the same time, due to the role of tension, the shape of the section of the rotating rubber hydraulic seal product will also change, which is reflected in the reduction of its height.In addition, under the action of surface tension, the outer surface of the sealing ring becomes more flat, that is, the section height is slightly reduced.This is also a state of compression stress of rubber seals.

The degree of deformation of the section of the Rotary Rubber hydraulic seal also depends on the hardness of the sealing material.In the case of the same tensile amount, the section height of the seal with large hardness is also reduced. From this point of view, the material with low hardness should be selected as far as possible according to the use conditions.Under the action of liquid pressure and tension, the seals of rubber materials will gradually undergo plastic deformation, and the section height will be reduced accordingly, resulting in loss of sealing capacity.

[3]The change of compression ratio and tension of rotating hydraulic seal products?

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