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Product Series


The importance of the hydraulic seal
DSH Seals offer the essential hydraulic seal to different Industries, welcome to contact us for your seals needs.
Reason of Leakage of Hydraulic Sealing System
DSH Seals can supply high performance seals for Construction Machinery Equipment, such as SPGW seals, SPG seals, SPGO seals, HBY seals, HBT seals and so on.
Bad characteristics of sealing ring products
DSH Seals is a professional seals ring manufacturers . We can offer you you high quality seals rings products. Welcome to contact us.
Bad characteristics of sealing ring products
DSH Seals will offer you the high quality seals rings, it is the prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment.
DSH Seals 2017 National Day Holiday Notice
DSH Seals staff wish you have a safe and enjoyable holiday.
Standard definition of various types of seals
DSH Seals can offer seals timely, accurately, effective and reliable. Welcome to contact us. Thanks for your time.
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gasket application
DSH Seals can offer PTFE gasket, but also can offer PEEK gasket, NBR gasket, POM gasket, Nylon gasket and so on, contact us for more gaskets details. Thanks for your time.
Modified Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gasket
PTFE gaskets from DSH Seals can make by virgin PTFE or carbon filled or other material, welcome to contact us for your specific gaskets needs.
Abrasive wear phenomenon of O ring in hydraulic system
Sourcing O ring with different sizes, welcome to contact DSH Seals, we can offer you high quality O ring with best price.
Assembly of Oil Seal
DSH Seals is one of the Oil seal manufacturer, welcome to contact us.