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Product Series


Rod Seal Product portfolio
DSH Seals can offer various types of rod seals to different applications, welcome to contact us for more ideas.
Piston Seal Product portfolio
DSH Seals is a professional manufacturer of piston seals, welcome to contact us for more information. 
Application range of spring energized seals
welcome to contact DSH Seals for more ideas about spring energized seals.
Hydraulic seal system - O ring and friction
DSH Seals can offer durable O rings, FKM O rings, NBR O rings, EPDM O rings, Silicone O rings, thanks for your valuable time to contact us for more details.
DSH Seals - 660T Vulcanization Machine Successful Installation
DSH Seals is constantly striving to provide new and better products and services in a faster speed and guaranteed quality. Welcome to contact us for your rubber seals needs.
Guide rings characteristics.
In addition to providing hydraulic, pneumatic, and rotary seals for a variety of specific applications, DSH Seals are always willing to offer you the best solution and products, tha..
Precautions to select repair seals for hydraulic equipment
DSH Seals can offer various kinds of seals, oil seals, PU seals, PTFE seals, provide right seals and assist customers to find the right solution.
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) oil seal advantages
DSH Seals has manufactured a high quality range of seals and gaskets for several years. As well as non standard seals and gaskets, we can provide PTFE oil seals, rubber oil seals an..
How to distinguish rod or piston Y ring?
DSH Seals can manufacture various kinds of Y rings, for rod or piston application, in Polyurethane material or rubber material. Feel free to contact us for further details.
O rings Information
If any O rings you require that are not in the list may already be available, please enquire and DSH Seals will advise.